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Network management software is getting harder and harder to use as networks spread over wired, wireless, and virtual IT environments. Network administrators consequently need all the help they can get. Out of all the options available on the market, it’s critical to select the best network management system. The majority of the time, network management Software help you combine several network information into a single, easily understandable dashboard. Among these possibilities, a dependable and effective network management solution need not necessarily take up a significant percentage of your money. The best option for streamlining network management is a reliable, secure, and affordable network management software


For large corporate networks, comprehensive network management solutions should be chosen as they help to simplify the complexity associated with relying on different tools to administer networks. Your marketing strategy will be revolutionised by selecting the appropriate real-time network management software.


LogicVein is a proactive network management tool that minimises network outages and gives users instant access to network administration.


The four most important aspects of network management solutions

  • Fault Finding 
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Network Provisioning QoS Upkeep
  • Network management platform fault finding

To proactively discover errors before they have an impact on end users is the largest issue with today’s networking management solutions. LogicVein is one of many network monitoring programmes.

LogicVein, a trusted network management system, detects, isolates and troubleshoots faults, raises alarms to remediate faults quickly.


LogicVein, the integrated network management software 


LogicVein is a comprehensive enterprise network management solution that enables you to keep an eye on the performance, availability, and general health of all of your network devices. LogicVein is an integrated network management programme. The SNMP/WMI/CLI network protocols are used by this network management system to get performance information from network devices. The end user can then see this data on the network control system, or the web console, of the management tool.


Set various performance measure thresholds using the LogicVein network management system.


  • With the network management tool’s adaptive threshold-based notifications, you can stay ahead of network problems.
  • Utilize the network management dashboard to monitor stats.
  • Receive email and SMS alerts before a fault or threshold violation occurs.
  • Processing SNMP traps and Syslog, raising warnings based on networking management software thresholds.
  • Automatically create tickets out of alerts in a service desk programme.
  • LogicVein is therefore unquestionably a cutting-edge network management

LogicVein is therefore unquestionably a cutting-edge network management programme.


Managing Network Performance


Performance management for all network software entails resolving issues either manually or automatically in order to get the network performance back to where it was or even better. Network administrators use real-time network management tools like LogicVein for this task. Real-time network management provided by this network manager software provides both basic and advanced network management services to address issues that impair network performance.


LogicVein network management tool troubleshoots network faults through:


  • Inbuilt tools LogicVein, the network monitoring software, provides a number of tools such as ping, traceroute, MIB browser, remote control, and more to address fundamental performance issues. 
  • NCM Module -A network configuration management module is included in LogicVein to handle configuration updates. This makes it simpler to automate configuration backups, follow compliance standards, and quickly identify network changes.


A network evaluation also aids in the development of a solid network management plan and allows you to determine whether your IT infrastructure is in line with your company’s objectives. Examine the leading network management solutions, and you’ll see why OpManager exceeds your expectations.


Network Configuration


Network provisioning is an important part of network administration. Every network monitor should Network provisioning requires forecasting future demands based on current network trends and the load that the network can currently carry. It also requires setting aside resources so that they can be used promptly in the event of an emergency. With network control software, you can identify network trends and efficiently provision your network.


Resource management is aided by the LogicVein network management service in:


  • Capacity Planning Reports – LogicVein comes with 150+ pre-built network management reports that give details on changes to hardware, bandwidth usage, disc and memory usage, and other topics. These reports aid in resource allocation and the identification of network trends. 
  • Managing IP addresses and switch ports for space and availability is made easier with the help of LogicVein’s IP address and switch port management console. Conflicts between IP and switch ports are resolved by LogicVedic, which also verifies user access and sends prompt messages when a status change occurs.


Maintaining QoS When Managing Networks


It is typical for network performance to decline with time. Therefore, it is crucial to provide end customers with high-quality IT services that consistently meet SLAs. You can maintain service level agreements and achieve 99.9% availability for your network and mission-critical applications by using LogicVein, an automated network management solution. It is easy to identify the elements affecting your business in real time with business level dashboards.


LogicVein network configuration module aids in network management by automating configuration backups, detecting network changes and ensuring that the compliance policies are adhered to. With approval based configuration changes, administrators can be aware of any external network changes by allowing or denying network users to make changes to device configurations.


Network administration is aided by the NCM add-on by:


  • automating backups of configuration.
  • identifying and fixing violations of network policy.
  • automating script execution to stop unauthorised network alterations
  • identifying patterns in changes to device settings.
  • checking the device or configuration for PCI compliance.


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