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Popular Features

  • Automatic device discovery
  • Configuration backups, history and comparisons before and after changes
  • Terminal proxy to automatically login devices with all the sessions stored. (speeds up work dramatically).
  • SmartChange to apply unique configuration changes to multiple devices at once. (netLD is the only NCCM application that can do this)
  • Draft Configuration comparing approved configuration with the current configuration stored in the device.
  • Change Advisor allows you to recommend and apply commands to a device without rebooting. (netLD is the only NCCM application that can do this)
  • NLD makes your Company's seasoned engineer's best practices available to your junior engineers with the click of a button.
  • Network device inventory including slot and cards to match billing from hardware vendors
  • Plug & Play to push configuration to remote devices, which can eliminate sending an engineer and help cost savings. (netLD is the only NCCM application that can do this)
  • Multi-Tenancy support - netLD can support as many as 100 SmartBridges(child-servers)
  • Active redundant systems (Linux)
  • We support a large number of devices from leading vendors worldwide

Popular Benefits

  • Automation - Automates and schedules repetitive tasks and can even automatically email you reports.
  • Standardization - Facilitates standardization of company best practices.
  • Reduces OPEX - Reduces errors, downtime, man-hours, support costs, and even travel.
  • Security - ability to select (by engineer) access level, tasks allowed, password protection, and reporting.
  • Reduces errors - Automate your most boring and repetitive tasks so you can spend time proactively instead of reactively.

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Net LineDancer only supports devices listed in the Supported Devices and Features Matrix.
Please contact Technical Support for devices not listed in the matrix.