Enterprise Network Monitoring Software

Enterprise network monitoring software.


To monitor and control network activities, the majority of IT shops utilize a variety of Enterprise Network Monitoring Software technologies. However, in the event of a problem, they must sort through a variety of tools, a graphical user interface, graphs, and reports to find the root of the problem. The integrated network management software, Logic Vein, delivers comprehensive insights into numerous problematic network areas and offers real-time network monitoring. Additionally, it enables quick and simple root-cause analysis of network problems.


Logic Vein is an enterprise network monitoring software that monitors the health, availability, and performance of your network in real time. With both proactive and reactive enterprise network monitoring techniques, Logic Vein helps you optimize network performance and achieve an error-free network.

 enterprise network monitor system


Critical metrics concerning the health, availability, and condition of your hybrid network and devices are monitored by Logic Vein, a real-time and potent hybrid network monitoring solution, including:

  • Loss of packet
  • reaction time
  • Use of the CPU, RAM, and disc
  • Discards and mistakes
  • Network activity with SNMP


Hardware Inspection


  • Comprehensive ‘enterprise server monitoring’ features enable effective server and other network device health monitoring, including routers, switches, and firewalls. You can locate performance difficulties brought on by hardware defects with Logic Vein.
  • Keep an eye on hardware parameters including voltage, temperature, and power.
  • Plan resources and capacity in the best possible way.


WAN and VoIP surveillance


  • You can use Cisco IPSLA to monitor WAN and VoIP links with network monitoring tools like Logic Vein. It repairs outages, analyses underperformance, and visualizes WAN and VoIP paths. The WAN RTT monitor in Logic Vein allows you to: Visualize WAN links and spot weak connections.
  • MTTR can be reduced and measured using link availability and in-depth statistical reports.
  • For VoIP links, keep an eye on jitter, latency, MOS, and packet loss.
  • Improve capacity planning by examining previous trend reports.


Utilize the built-in enterprise network monitor system to diagnose first- and second-level network issues:

ICMP Ping: The ping tool determines whether a device is reachable or not and its response time because availability is the first thing to check when a device fails.


Traceroute: The traceroute tool identifies the precise spot where the connection was lost and evaluates whether a device is unavailable due to a problem in its path. Locate the precise location of a delay or outage by tracing the path from OpManager Plus, an eff, to the destination device, counting the number of hops to the monitored device.


Switch Port Mapper: This program shows how device ports are linked to your network switches, along with their MAC addresses, IP addresses, and DNS names.


SNMP MIB Browser: The MIB Browser tool is an all-inclusive SNMP MIB browser that allows users to load and view MIBs and executes all SNMP-related activities.


Telnet/SSH: This program connects to Linux and Unix systems using command-line interfaces (CLI). It helps with troubleshooting by allowing you to respond instantly to CLI commands, restart services, and terminate unresponsive processes.

To manage your network, are you looking for a specialized enterprise business network monitoring solution? Become familiar with Logic Vein.