How to start an evaluation?

The Net LineDancer evaluation license can be activated in one of two ways:

  1. Online activation: Requires an internet connection on the target installation machine.
  2. Offline activation: Requires that you specify the MAC address of an ethernet card in the target installation machine.

Net LineDancer installer programs are not compatible between Linux and Windows, so please be sure to select the correct download for your operating system.

If you have questions or need help, please contact Technical Support. You can expect a comprehensive and friendly reply from our technical support staff by the next business day or sooner.

Net LineDancer-Full product evaluation evaluation program

  1. Free trial for 30days LogicVein's enterprise class NCM suite Fully functional product evaluation
  2. 100 devices with free trial(Full product can support 100,000+devices) 2 SmartBridges and PnP is included User's Manual Download and installs easily on a laptop.
  3. Net StreetDancer-Free entry level solution

Net StreetDancer FreeWare program

  1. Free up to 10 devices Limited functionality
  2. Great for students and companies with config requirements
  3. Note Net LineDancer only supports devices listed in the Supported Devices and Features Matrix.


Please contact Technical Support for devices not listed in the matrix. The name of Zero-Touch has changed to Cisco PnP starting from Net LineDancer v14.06. For any questions about these issues, please contact or

Thank you for evaluating Net LineDancer!

After installing and activating you can access the Net LineDancer server from one of the following browsers: Suppported Browsers: Windows IE 8+, Firefox, Chrome MacOS X Safari, FireFox, Chrome Linux FireFox Suppported Platforms: Windows Serever 2008 (SP3) / 2008 R2 64bit Windows Serever 2012 64bit Windows Serever 2012 R2 64bit Linux CentOS/RedHat 6+

30-Day Free Trial