What is Net StreetDancer?

The Net StreetDancer (netSD/NSD) free version, based on netLD v14.06 and Flash, covers 80% functions of out flagship product, Net LineDancer, It does most of what netLD will do, but it is limited to 10-nodes.


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Places where netSD can improve your productivity

netSD allows you to automatically login to devices as netSD can take advantage of credentials backed up. netSD is perfect for periodical backups for key routers and switches and allow you to compare configurations of BEFORE/AFTER.

Test Result of Net StreetDancer vs. Manual Operation

Comparison of the login time to 10 Cisco devices

Manual login : 339 seconds

Login by netSD : 73 seconds (Shorten 78.5% !)

About five times productivity!

The more number of managed nodes is increased, the more overwhelming labor saving is possible.


Net StreetDancer vs. Tera Term Macro.... Let's compare!

First Comparison :
We are please to provide comparisons for your quicker understanding of netSD here.
Net StreetDancer vs. Tera Term Macro
Parameters Net StreetDancer Manual Operation
Net StreetDancer
Tera Term Macro
Automatic Discovery to Multiple Devices at Once
Automatic Configuration Backup to Multiple Devices at Once*1
Configuration Comparison of Before and After Backup
Comparison of Return Value of Show Commands
Multi-Vendor Support and Comparison of Return Value*2
Conflict Report and Comparison*3
Repeat Feature of Job*4
Restoration of Failed Devices
Backup of Multiple Enterprise and Overlapping IP Addresses
Export CSV of ③⑤⑥ (IP Address, Host Name, Date)
Inventory Management
Setting Speed*5

1. Tera Term (△) - Macro is used and configuration with unnecessary information will be pushed.
2. netSD (○) - Return value is acquired by Command Runner feature. Every command is supported!
3. If there is a difference between startup-config and running-config, notification, comparison, and application are available.
4. Tera Term (△) - Creating script is required. On the other hand, it is built-into netSD.
5. As a result of verification which made the access-list configured on 28 devices, processing speed is measured about 10 times (x10) in netLD.

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Net StreetDancer vs. Console Server

Second Comparison:

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Net LineDancer vs. Net StreetDancer

Third Comparison:
The following comparison information may be changed without notice.
Net LineDancer Enterprise vs. Net StreetDancer

Product Specification

Parameters Functional Parameter Net LineDancer Enterprise Net StreetDancer
Managable Units  
100,000+ devices
10 devices
Apache Derby
Operating Environment Windows OS
Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
Virtualization Platforms
≥ VMware ESXi 5.5, Microsoft Hyper- V (Windows Server 2012 R2)
Microsoft Hyper-V (Windows 8.1 & 10), Oracle VM VirtualBox, or VMware Workstation Player
Manageable Devices TCP/IP only
VPN Concentrator
Load Balancer
LAN Accelerator
Wireless LAN Access Point
SNMP-based Network Devices
SNMP-based Network Devices
Protocol SNMP v1/v2/v3
SSH v1/v2


Parameters Functional Parameter Net LineDancer Enterprise Net StreetDancer
Device Discovery SNMP
CLI ARP cache
CLI OSPF neighbors
CLI EIGRP neighbors
Configuration Management Configuration Capture
Configuration Revision History
Configuration Comparison
Same device and cross-device
Same device and cross-device
Change Tool Output Comparison
Configuration Restore
Full-text search
IOS Image Backup
Device View Inventory Management
Sort by Backup Status
Custom Fields
Device Property Collection OS Version
Serial Number
Card/Slot information
Device Picture Display
Search Capabilties Specific IP (IPv4 and IPv6)
Devices in Subnet (IPv4 and IPv6)
Interface IP search
Hostname (including wildcard)
Make/Model (including wildcard)
OS Version (including comparison operator)
Changed Date
Backup Status
Custom Fields
Serial Numbers
Custom Tags
Full-text Configuration
Network-wide Switch-Port/IP
Change Tools Configuration Restore
Command Runner (multiple commands)
Enable/Disable Interfaces
IOS Software Distribution
Login Banner (MOTD)
Name Servers Manager
NTP Servers
Port VLAN Assignment
SNMP Community Strings
SNMP Trap Hosts
Syslog Hosts
Static Routes (add/delete)
Add/delete device user account
Enable password change
VTY password change
Local User password change
Perform backup after tool completes
Smart Change (Bulk Update) Template based configuration change with CSV import for multiple devices
Excel file import and export
Add custom menu
Set schedule
Automatic forwarding of IOS configuration
Import and export of configuration template
Informational Tools DNS Lookup
IP Routing Table
Live ARP Table
IOS show commands
Open port scan
SNMP System Information
Interface Summary
Reporting Software Summary
Network Hardware Summary
Backup Summary
Configuration Changes
Hardware Changes
E-Mail support
Export Device Configuration in ZIP
Output for performed Tool in ZIP
Device Property information in XLS
Terminal Proxy Telnet access to server
SSH access to server
(Local Access Only)
Remote access to server
User operational log history
Search operational log
Export operational log


Parameters Functional Parameter Net LineDancer Enterprise Net StreetDancer
Job Scheduling Configuration Backup
Change/Informational Tools
Device Discovery
Daily schedules
Weekly schedules
Monthly schedules
Custom schedules
Time-window Filters
Job History Interactive execution history
Scheduled execution history
Execution start/stop time
Execution user
Execution group
Configuration Mismatch Detect and display compliance violation of startup-config and running-config
Rollback (copy startup-config into running-config)
Commit (copy running-config into startup-config)
Change Adviser Check the configuration before pushing and generate shortfall automatically
Draft Configurations Reflect newly made text as a configuration to device
Compliance Check Custom rule
Filtering for applying devices
Trap for detection or resolution of the rule
Pie chart for violation devices
Real-time status icon
Credentials/Protocols Assignment by Specific IP
Assignment by IP Range
Assignment by Subnet
Excel import for multiple credentials
Access Control Easy settings in GUI
Add users
Set roles
Active Directory integration
RADIUS integration
Server Settings (GUI) Scheduled System Backup
Quick System Backup
SmartBridges (Option)
Software Update
Data Retention
SNMP Traps
Mail Server
Custom Tags Organize devices by tags
Multiple tags per device
Tag search (with AND/OR logic)
Disaster Recovery Master/Slave configuration
Real-Time Data Synchronization
SNMP trap for server failure
Migration from stand-alone configuration
Web Interface  
Adobe Flash
Browser Support Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
Remote access
Public API Public API
SOAP Web-services
Multiple-language support
Network Manager interaction Custom menu to open netLD configuration diff from device icon
Only with SNMPc Network Manager
Only with SNMPc Network Manager
SNMP traps in an event of such as device added or deleted
Customization Devices Adapters
Device Tools

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