Network Management Software

What is Network Monitoring Software?

Network Management Software


Software for network monitoring keeps tabs on a computer network’s overall functioning. By comparing actual performance to a baseline of anticipated performance, these solutions identify network issues. Based on current and past performance data, they can also gauge a network’s total traffic, availability, consistency, and reliability.


Either paid or free network monitoring tools can be very helpful to IT teams. The network or IT administrator is informed if a network fails or deviates from the norm. Administrators can view data through these tools, which helps them better understand performance indicators. Software for monitoring the performance of an entire network, as opposed to just one specific application, is available as network monitoring software.


A product must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Network Monitoring category:


  • continuously evaluate a computer network’s performance
  • Establish a baseline for the measures of network performance.
  • Notify admins if the network goes down or deviates from the norm.
  • When performance difficulties occur, offer remedies.
  • Provide network performance statistics visualisations.


As networks spread across wired, wireless, and virtual IT environments, network management software is getting more and more challenging. Network administrators therefore require all the help they can get. Given the variety of network management solutions available, it’s imperative to pick the finest one.


In general, network management solutions help you combine several network indicators into a single, easily comprehensible dashboard. Among these possibilities, a dependable and effective network management solution doesn’t necessarily have to take up a significant percentage of your money. The most effective, secure, and cost-effective network management solution is your best choice for streamlining network management.


For large corporate networks, comprehensive network management solutions should be chosen as they help to simplify the complexity associated with relying on different tools to administer networks. Your marketing strategy will be revolutionised by selecting the appropriate real-time network management software.


The proactive network management application LogicVein lowers network outages and gives users instant access to network administration.


How do you pick the finest network management programme to efficiently manage your network?


Managing network devices and their operations to ensure optimal uptime in the face of ever-rising security threats is a constant problem. Network management software is crucial to achieving this objective. So let’s look at how to pick the best NMS to watch over and issue alerts before they create expensive crashes and disruptions.


Important Characteristics of Network Management Software (NMS)


The market offers a variety of NMS software, however, to assist administrators to do their jobs better and raise the profile of NMS, a good and successful programme should include the following critical features:


  1. Performance management and optimization: Assists businesses and managed service providers in setting sensible objectives, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  2. Real-time visibility and analysis: Gathers data from all connected devices, determines the position and signal strength in real time, and aids in performance improvement by removing congestion.
  3. Scalability and automation management: The software’s capacity to take into account the changing business needs and to modify any associated automation.
  4. Automatic compliance detection and reporting: builds a list of the networks and devices, compares historical data to present data, and forecasts future growth.
  5. Security: Without this functionality, networks would be open to malware, spam software, and other online attacks. The goal of security functions is to bolster the network, adhere to the most recent security regulations, and examine unauthorised or suspect network behaviour.
  6. Compatibility: This feature will broaden the use of the product while also streamlining administrative tasks. The visibility of the product grows if it is interoperable and enables other leading software or tools to be incorporated via API or other techniques.


Managing Network Performance


Performance management for all network software entails resolving issues either manually or automatically in order to get the network performance back to where it was or even better. Network administrators use real-time network management tools like LogicVein for this role. Real-time network management provided by this network manager software provides both basic and advanced network management services to address issues that impair network performance.

The network management service from LogicVein aids in resource management by:


  • Capacity Planning Reports: LogicVein comes with 150+ pre-built network management reports that include upgrades to devices, bandwidth usage, disc and memory usage, and other topics. These reports aid in resource allocation and the identification of network trends.
  • Control of IP addresses and switch ports for space and availability is made possible by the LogicVein IP address & switch port management console. Conflicts between IP addresses and switch ports are handled by LogicVein, along with user access audits and fast alerts of status changes.