Network Performance Monitoring Software

What does software for monitoring network performance do?

Network Performance Monitoring Software


The market for Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) consists of solutions that use a variety of data sources to give a comprehensive picture of how networks (including corporate on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, and other networks) are operating. among the data sources are traffic data generated by network devices Rough network packets Health indicators and events generated by network devices Through the deployment of cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning algorithms, NPM solutions increasingly include diagnostic procedures and forensic data to uncover the fundamental causes of performance degradations (ML). Last but not least, NPM tools offer information into the calibre of the end-user experience based on network-derived performance metrics.


Monitoring Network Performance


Network monitoring from many vendors is designed to grow and scale with your network’s needs.

Key Elements

  • Monitoring of many vendors’ networks with Network Insights for greater visibility
  • NetPath and PerfStack intelligent maps for quick troubleshooting
  • More intelligent scaling for huge environments
  • advanced notification


Network performance monitoring


Every business relies on networks to function. The loss of production during a network outage can cause significant damage, even for small or enterprise-level enterprises. You can prevent possible outages and proactively handle network issues with the aid of network monitoring solutions. This aids in preserving an uncongested network that keeps your organisation operating. Network monitoring technologies can assist in achieving this. A network monitoring tool allows you to remotely visualise the operation of your system and keep tabs on network services, bandwidth usage, switches, routers, and traffic flow for any IP-based device. Network optimization aids in boosting performance to the required level once network concerns have been recognised.


The all-inclusive network performance monitoring tool is LogicVein


Network performance monitors


By putting up device-specific monitors to drill down on any specific feature of a device that you want to monitor, LogicVein predefined performance monitors enable you take control of your devices and interfaces. LogicVein assists you in managing and monitoring performance for a wide variety of devices from various vendors and supports setting up customised SNMP MIB variables. LogicVein supports the most popular products on the market, including Cisco, Palo Alto, and Juniper. You can always obtain the SNMP MIBs from the vendor and develop unique SNMP monitors if the performance counter you’re wanting to monitor isn’t offered. You can also create a monitor and load the WMI classes from the device.


In addition, you can check the availability and response times of TCP ports, as well as the availability of Windows services, processes, files and folders, Windows event logs, and syslogs from Linux and network devices.


The same values in our script monitor can be used to track any values that your scripts are extracting from servers. Additionally, you can generate reports based on the observed value and receive alerts depending on predefined thresholds.


proactive network performance monitoring


Network outages can be quite expensive. Because of this, real-time network performance monitoring is essential, which is where a solution for network performance monitoring comes into play. With the help of LoginVeic, a potent network performance monitor, you can keep an eye on all of your devices’ traffic, performance, and availability in order to monitor network performance and issues proactively and stop issues from taking down your network.


Proactive network performance monitoring advantages include:


  • gives network managers access to end-user perceptions of network and application performance, which makes it easier for them to find and fix problems.
  • gives administrators the ability to test how a network operates under a specific load so they may better understand their network’s bandwidth and determine whether or not they need to better allocate resources.
  • helps administrators spot security concerns and unexpected increases in traffic to minimise device downtime.
  • assures smooth performance and enables you to keep track of your IP assets and equipment upgrades.


LoginVeic enables proactive network management techniques such as:


  • several levels of thresholds
  • support for instant notifications


Multi-level thresholds: 


By setting thresholds, LogicVein is able to proactively watch over the resources and services being used by servers and network gadgets. LogicVein provides multi-level threshold support for categorising and decomposing any defect encountered and for raising alerts prior to the device shutting down or reaching a catastrophic condition. You can take the appropriate corrective action in response depending on how severe the situation is. Multiple thresholds can be set up in LogicVein for the monitors connected to a single device. The threshold can be used on many devices as well.


Instant notification:


When an alarm arises, LogicVein can immediately send you an email or SMS to let you know. Additionally, administrators can set up LogicVein to automatically launch third-party applications or custom scripts whenever an alarm is triggered. LogicVein not only processes events intelligently but also correlates unfiltered network events, filters out irrelevant events, and displays only relevant alarms to the user. It makes use of user-friendly alarms that are colour-coded. Administrators have the ability to manually remove or delete the event history connected to an alarm. To ensure that no alarm is missed, Logicvein also lets you specify escalation rules.


Dashboards for network performance monitoring


You may tailor the dashboards and other visualisation choices offered by LogicVein to each employee, from technicians to IT managers. Every user has the ability to select a different widget and tailor the dashboard to meet their needs or to help with enterprise network performance monitoring at the global level. Using LogicVein’s 3D data centre, you may design your own floors and racks exactly as they are in the data centre and view the status of such devices. In the business view, you can group devices if all you want to see are their connections to one another.


Have you ever pondered whether a network could provide a bird’s-eye view of a sizable network? With LogicVein’s a cutting-edge network performance monitoring and diagnostics engine, anything is feasible! To see the entire picture for networks of all sizes, use the HeatMap view.


Try LogicVein, the greatest network performance monitor.