The Number 1 Network Monitoring System!

The Number 1 Network Monitoring System!

IT Trend in Japan recently ranked Logicvein’s ThirdEye as the Number 1 monitoring tool in Japan.

What is ThirdEye?

ThirdEye is a monitoring system with well-balanced functions necessary for network failure monitoring and useful functions.

Logicvein can provide a system with a reasonable proce for small-scale environments with less that 100 devices, to a large-scale environment with more than 10,000 devices.


Strengths of ThirdEye


Functional strengths are described in the next item, but many of ThirdEye’s other strengths stem from the environment of domestic development. The main contents are as follows.

1. Ability to respond with a superior sense of speed in product support. In addition, we are confident in our product support capabilities because we have a wide range of inquiries that can be answered satisfactorily by our customers when responding to support.

2. Flexibility
In terms of price, it is possible to provide for the required number of nodes, and the provision format also supports on-premise type, subscription type, pay-as-you-go type, etc. We have adopted a sales policy that makes it extremely difficult for so-called “too much” to occur.

In addition, regarding product functions and specifications, we sincerely accept opinions and suggestions from existing users and customers in the consideration stage, and if we find validity in the content, we will actively reflect them in our current products.

3. API
In today’s IT infrastructure, the need to link and link multiple systems with APIs continues to grow. ThirdEye is capable of API linkage that conforms to JSON-RPC, and sample information is also available to customers.

Functions of ThirdEye

The main features are as follows:

1. Map screen
Image files such as .jpg can be pasted on the background, and icons of monitored devices can be placed anywhere on the map. On the other hand, it is also possible to collect layer 2 information (ARP, MAC, neighbor information, etc.) and automatically draw the map screen based on that information.

Whether the operator is unfamiliar with IT or an engineer with a certain level of skill, this map function will satisfy them.

2. Configuration management
It is a configuration acquisition & generation management function that supports network devices of more than 54 manufacturers.
In addition, setting changes can be detected by automatically comparing with the configuration of the previous generation when acquiring the configuration.

3. Operation history management
When accessing a monitored device with TeraTerm or the Web terminal function and executing commands such as information acquisition and setting change, it is possible to access the target device from the map screen of ThirdEye.

Many users have given us high marks for the series of usability features such as “ThirdEye detects anomalies -> icon color changes on the map -> immediate access and command execution from the right-click menu of the target icon.” Furthermore, since the executed commands and their return values ​​are saved and managed as history on ThirdEye, it also has an aspect of automatic management of operation history. This is a very effective function for internal and external audits.

4. Multi-tenant support
By connecting a child server called “SmartBridge” under the ThirdEye main unit (parent server) for load balancing and multi-tenant support, and creating a parent-child configuration of “1 parent server: N child servers” , multiple tenants can be monitored in an integrated manner.

Let LogicVein help you with your network. It will, in the long run, make your job, and life, easier.  If you would like to hear more, or see more, or learn more, contact your sales representative at