Should Developers Be Kept Out of Sight?

network development team

Should Developers Be Kept Out of Sight?

After more than a decade behind the scenes, the LogicVein development team is finally coming out of hiding to share our knowledge, insights, feelings, and joys with the world.

Henceforth, we will be posting monthly about a multitude of topics that, we hope, will be of interest to network engineers, software developers, QA engineers, puppies, system administrators, UX enthusiasts, system integrators, kazooists, professional service engineers, oxford commas, and really anyone.

These posts are motivated by three key factors:

1. Marketing (search engine optimization)
2. Marketing (a recruiting aid)
3. Marketing (self promotion)

Did I say marketing three times? You caught me. But I’m sure you already guessed this since you are reading a blog post on a company website. What other reason would we have for post? But bear with us, we think it is worth your while.

You don’t need to buy anything we’re selling to find something interesting here. We intend for the focus of the posts by our development team to be NOT for the promotion of our products.

Our products speak for themselves. Rather, we want these posts to be an opportunity to share our day-to-day interests beyond just what our products are.

(By the way, our network management products, ThirdEye and Net LineDancer, really are awesome and do speak for themselves. If you haven’t yet, go download a free network tool trial. You won’t regret it.)

Let’s elaborate a bit on our three motivations.

Search Engine Optimization

This one is obvious. This kind of content helps make our site more visible to the world. It isn’t a nefarious goal though. We really believe in the value we provide through our products. Anyone who doesn’t know about us yet is missing out on an opportunity to take advantage of that value. In order to spread the word, we have to play the game.

Recruiting Aid

We know we are an emerging company. For the most part, when we make job postings to find new members for our team, people haven’t heard of us. Even when they have, people don’t know what to expect before they join our team.

By having real-life, actual developers post publicly, it makes us a bit more visible and we can really demonstrate the reality of who we are. One of the first questions a job seeker naturally has is, “what’s it like to work there?” We hope to answer this question and more.


These posts aren’t just for LogicVein as a company. This medium gives our team members an opportunity to show the world their individual, unique skills. The internet is a scary place with lots of judgmental people, so it can be hard even for the most skilled developers to put themselves out there. We want to encourage our developers to put their voice out there and share their skills with the world.

This can have benefits for personal as well as career development. We are proud of the low turnover on our team but we also want everyone to have the opportunity to do what they want to do. These posts can potentially help our people promote themselves for future endeavors they might have.

So stick around and enjoy the ride,

Leo Bayer
Technical Lead
LogicVein Development Team