What’s New in May 2023

What’s New in May 2023

The May 2023 update release for LogicVein’s ThirdEye and Net LineDancer products is now available. (revision r20230526.1051)


Run Job

We’re now working on better support for automated tasks and tighter integration between the Monitoring and Change features. To this end, we’ve added the ability to pass values directly from a monitor trigger violation into a SmartChange job.

This is an ongoing project so you can expect to see some more automation improvements in the SmartChange functionality in coming releases.

Email Action

We’ve improved the recently added violation email action to include the clearing status in the email subject. This way you can quickly tell the difference between a new violation and a clearing or clear violation by just skimming your inbox without having to open the email.


You are now able to use mouse scroll to zoom maps. No more hunting for the old inconvenient plus and minus buttons just because you want to zoom in on your network.


We’ve added a new plugin to the Agent-D monitor so that you can now monitor more Windows system performance metrics, including “Processor Queue length”, “System Up Time”, “Context Switches” per second, and “System Calls” per second.

Net LineDancer

Device Support

As always, we continue to refine our device support. This release includes minor improvements for the following adapters:

  • Cisco ISE
  • H3C/HPE Comware
  • NEC IX
  • Palo Alto Panorama
  • SonicWALL SonicOS
  • Yamaha



We’ve updated the internal firewall rules so that when connection attempts to the syslog port no longer respond with ‘port unreachable’ when syslog is disabled. This prevents malware or port scanners from being able to see the port when it isn’t actually being used.

You can see the full change log on the Update History page.