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Privately held and steadily profitable, LogicVein has been focused on the network management domain for over a decade as a respected provider of innovative solutions. We are pleased to introduce ThirdEye. Configuring, managing and monitoring network devices is still an often error prone, manual process.  Let us make it easy for you!

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Presenting ThirdEye Suite

ThirdEye is an integrated and cloud ready solution that includes the tools for reporting automation and integration.

It is a management, performance and monitoring system that meets any environment, industry or scale.  It includes the additional enhanced features of Network Monitoring, alarms/traps and a dashboard for ease of monitoring.

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Create a dashboard for each site or system.  You can check the monitoring status of each site at a glance.

Performance Monitoring

Performance and network monitoring is a system that grasps the status of  devices in the network and promptly notifies the administrator or trouble team when troubles occur.

Threshold Monitoring

Set your threshold levels, polling frequency and where to send your traps and alerts.

NetLineDancer features included

All the features you have in NetLineDancer, you still have in ThirdEye, with all the additional enhanced features of performance monitoring, alarming and dashboards.

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Presenting Net LineDancer (Net LD)

Net LineDancer (NetLD) is a sophisticated but simplistic and easy to use NCCM software designed to help network engineers manage the configurations on the network devices (routers, switches, etc.) in their enterprises.

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Smart Bridge

This is great solution for managing your network from a single location even if your network has multiple subnets with overlapping IP spaces

Terminal Proxy Auto-Login

Provides an integrated Terminal Proxy that allows users already authenticated into Net LineDancer to SSH/Telnet into network devices

Inventory Management

Full hardware inventory for audit including daughter card serial numbers,as well as power-supplies, and even fan tray assemblies.

Cisco PnP Support

Cisco PnP devices, in combination with a Cisco PnP-compliant server, can provide “hands free” configuration of new equipment in your network.

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TOP Ten ThirdEye Benefits

ThirdEye solves a number of business problems in-turn offering benefits to businesses. These are the benefits that ThirdEye brings.

Reduces errors.

Saves money through detailed inventory management.

Easy to learn, install and use.


Diverse device adapters - Additional Adapters can be build easily.

Productivity tool.

Easy to view dashboards

No paying for or configuring a 3rd party database.

Easy monitoring and threshold alarm management

Monitor linux and windows servers


Quickly identifying device issues like communication failures For Netsurion

Netsurion had basically managed all the network devices manually before selecting Net LineDancer (NetLD) in their large network of 17,000+ devices. The product has been received well, and engineers from our other groups are exploiting the platform for their own purposes.


NTT DATA leveraging the power of Net LineDancer Enterprise version

NTT DATA, an MSP and Data Center, controls the configuration management of a number of enterprises and government departments. Net LineDancer was selected and deployed because of its unique feature called SmartBridge, handling the same IP addresses scattered across multiple network segments.


Becoming an indispensable part of SoftBank’s managed service business model.

The real success story has been the development of a great working relationship between SoftBank and LogicVein. SoftBank needed a capable and responsive NCM vendor who would work with them to provide the flexibility and capability in an NCM product they could use.


Reduced network configuration management using Zero-Touch for Sega Corporation

When we started, we were sending engineers overseas, on site, to configure the network devices. In deploying a network that connects all the amusement centers scattered in Asia, they were looking for a way to reduce administrator's burden of installing and configuring network devices there. NetLD was the solution!


Answer your queries using our videos, blog posts, FAQs & explore who all have implemented NetLD.


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