What Is Net LineDancer?

Net LineDancer (NetLD) is a sophisticated but simplistic and easy to use NCCM software designed to help network engineers manage the configurations on the network devices (routers, switches, etc.) in their enterprises. NetLD provides inventory reports, detailed hardware and software information of their devices, configuration comparison and history, password change, automated detection of configuration changes, and integration with network monitoring systems. Net LineDancer also provides a simple but powerful web-based user interface where you can perform all of these tasks with ease.

Smart Bridge - Multi-Tenancy

This is great solution for managing your network from a single location even if your network has multiple subnets with overlapping IP spaces. Designed to scale for MSPs but equally useful in your enterprise. A SmartBridge is deployed in each managed network, even geographically distant ones, and integrated into a single core.

Terminal Proxy Auto-Login

Provides an integrated Terminal Proxy that allows users already authenticated into Net LineDancer to SSH/Telnet into network devices with automatic login. No more remembering tens or hundreds of credentials. Terminal Proxy captures all terminal activity and then logs, timestamps, and indexes it for later search and retrieval.

Inventory Management

Full hardware inventory for audit including daughter card serial numbers,as well as power-supplies, and even fan tray assemblies. Great for keeping track of your vendor support contracts in sync with your deployed hardware

Cisco PnP Support

Cisco PnP devices, in combination with a Cisco PnP-compliant server, can provide “hands free” configuration of new equipment in your network. Cisco PnP + Net LineDancer enables zero-touch deployments in a wide variety of network topologies, over both internal and Internet infrastructure, and even via an iPhone application over 3G/4G/5G infrastructure.

What Is NCCM or NCA?

Network Configuration and Change Management is a continuous process of setting up and maintaining a computer network's controls, flows and operations to support an organization’s ability to communicate within and with the outside world. NCCM involves configuration, change and setup processes on network hardware, software and other supporting devices and components. NCA is the automation of these manual processes

Unique Changes

Not all network changes are straight-forward. Sometimes you need to push out the “same” change to many devices, but there are some parameters such as IP addresses that are different. Our Bulk Change tool allows you to create templates for these and even import/export target devices and parameters from Excel.

Draft Configuration

Net LineDancer compares drafts with the existing configuration, and automatically recommends the set of commands to apply the proposed draft configuration to the device. This avoids unexpected interface shutdowns or the need to restart devices.

Active Redundancy

Net LineDancer offers optional disaster-proof 24/7 operation with Active/Active Redundancy support. Whether in the same rack or another Data Center, Net LineDancer provides redundancy in both LAN and WAN deployments.


Net LineDancer public APIs ease integration into your existing systems. Integration APIs use standard JSON-RPC over HTTP allowing simple integration by any programmer.

TOP Ten NetLD benefits

  • Reduces errors caused by human fatigue and unknown violation of policies

  • Productivity tool – reduces the manpower required to do configuration management by automation techniques

  • Easy to learn, install and use – so many products are overly complicated – hard to learn and install - NOT with NetLD!

  • Scalable. it is extremely scalable – For Instance NTT scales to 80,000 nodes. We have never reached the outer limits!

  • The pricing is affordable and very flexible.  Subscription, perpetual and enterprise licenses available - your choice!
  • Designed to promote collaboration – stay inside your NMS tool and access subnets from a central data center

  • Saves money through detailed inventory management -chassis, slot, card, and power supply information Serial numbers, FRU part numbers, revision numbers – EOS/EOL information. Are you paying for devices that are no longer being used?

  • No paying for or configuring a 3rd party database - Database built in - PostgreSQL is integrated for you

  • Easy Integration with other Network Management Platforms for alarms and alerting
  • Supports BYOD – IoT trends - Heterogeneous tool. - Additional Adaptors can be build easily
  • 30-Day Free Trial