Today, network changes and configuration management must be stable, secure, and scalable, while reducing errors and offering visibility into
the entire change process. Net LineDancer delivers robust configuration management features that accomplish all this and more! Use the
following links to explore Net LineDancer’s main features!

Tools and Features

  • Cisco IOS-XR series supports!
  • Active Directory Server integration
  • Search by IP address in the static credential
  • Change Adviser
  • Draft Configurations
  • Tera Term Integration
  • Terminal Proxy – Automatic Login
  • SmartChange
  • Start-Up Wizard
  • SmartBridge – Multi-Tenancy -Option
  • Cisco Plug and Play
  • Advanced Device Search
  • Credential Import
  • Custom Field
  • User Management
  • Compliance Check
  • Configuration Mismatch
  • Integeration with SNMPc
  • Inventory Management
  • Configuration Diff
  • Disaster Recovery
  • IOS Password Change
  • Job History
  • Command Runner with Scheduling
Cisco IOS-XR series supports!

Net LineDancer supports the Cisco CRS Series. Hardware details by each chassis and each cards. You can views and comparison 160K lines in the configuration!

Active Directory Server integration

Net LineDancer supports the Active Directory authentication. No more need to set up the ID and password for log in to netLD. You can coordinate with the login authentication just by specifying the authentication server.

Search by IP address in the static credential

You can search by IP address in the static credential. It makes NetLD user-friendlier than before.

Change Adviser

Net LineDancer Change Adviser Feature, This is new feature that is unique in the industry. The Change Advisor can work with existing configurations or draft configurations. Using the Change Advisor, and comparing the configuration with the interface change to the prior configuration, the Change Advisor will generate the list of commands necessary to rollback that change, leaving the password changes untouched.

Draft Configurations

Net LineDancer Draft Configurations FeatureSupport for creating configuration drafts from existing device configurations, or importing from text files. Draft configurations can be edited directly and can then be pushed to the device (either running or startup configuration). Drafts can also be compared to existing configurations to verify that only the parts you expect to change are affected.

Tera Term Integration

Net LineDancer Tera Term IntegrationThis feature is small but useful. Working in concert with the Terminal Proxy feature, which allows automated login to devices and capture of terminal sessions, we have added the ability to simply right-click on a device in the inventory list and open a Tera Term session that jumps directly into the device — logging in automatically for you. As Tera Term is only for Windows, the same integration is provided for Mac OS X using the OS X’s built-in SSH.

Terminal Proxy – Automatic Login

Net LineDancer Terminal Proxy FeatureTerminal Proxy allows SSH into NetLD, followed by “jumping” into inventory devices with automatic login and full session recording. Everything the engineer sees or types is recorded, indexed, and searchable. This feature is so deceptively convenient, as soon as we implemented it, we found ourselves no longer connecting directly to devices.
With the side-benefit that everything is recorded so mistakes are easily found. Of course, configurations are automatically captured as soon as the engineer logs out.


Net LineDancer Smart ChangeSmartChange templates created with a point and click interface, supporting per-device unique values, and Excel spreadsheet import/export. Not only are the history of changes to configurations maintained, but also a history of all the commands run against the respective devices.

Start-Up Wizard

New Start-Up Wizard is simply easy to use and there are only three steps: Add Devices, Set Credentials and Validate Backup. Then now you are ready to start configuration management.

SmartBridge – Multi-Tenancy -Option

Net LineDancer Smartbridge StructureSmartBridge enables support not only for overlapping IP spaces, but also allow network operations to occur geographically close to the devices under management. This not only reduces backhaul bandwidth, but also increases concurrency of operations and reduces failures due to network error and timeouts. This is an optional feature for Net LineDancer Enterprise edition. Please contact sales team for details.

Cisco Plug and Play

Net LineDancer Plug and Play Feature of the initial setup for network devices, no engineers are needed. We call this zero-trip with Plug and Play. Imagine that there is a NetLD Server in Los Angeles and a network device is delivered to a branch in Austin,TX. When the device is on-site, you just need to ask the delivery person to plug a network cable into this network device, and then the device will be configured by NetLD automatically.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

The first way starts with enabling DHCP and TFTP server.Then assign tentative IP address to a device. This is the way that Bootstrap is distributed by NetLD Server and send configurations to a device. Note:This is for Cisco IOS 12.2 or later. Startup Config is not mounted. It is required that DHCP would be enabled.
The second way is sending the device with Bootstrap, which has already assigned a NetLD IP address by the software vendor, from Tokyo to Sapporo. Then, plug a network cable into this network device with Plug and Play. It is Zero-Touch for the end user, but One-Touch for the software vendor. We call it both of them Plug and Play.
In addition, Cisco Plug and Play has following features.

Net LineDancer Linkage with NMS

Plug and Play recovery of the same kind of device -Memory loss, error setting, restoring FLASH loss
Restore configurations to a new device even if a device is cached.

Advanced Device Search

Net LineDancer Smartbridge Structure, You can search a specific device by filtering of the followings with “AND”, “OR” conditions:

IP address,Hostname
Backup Status (Success/Failure)
Date when changes occurred
Device Tags, Custom Fields
Vendor, Model, Version, Serial Number

Credential Import

Net LineDancer Importing Credentials, It allows you to import credential with Excel files and add a large amount of devices and credentials at the same time.

Custom Field

Net LineDancer Custom Device Field, You can add custom fields in DeviceView and set up User Authority to each custom field. It also allows you to name the custom fields as you like.

User Management

Net LineDancer User Authority Setting, Net LineDancer enhances User Authority which authorizes for each user to authorize. It has 26 kinds of authorities to set up the regulation of viewing NetLD for each authorized user. It also allows you to authorize this for each network of users.

Compliance Check

Net LineDancer real-time compliance feature, as soon as a rule is broken in device configuration, NetLD detects the devices and report it to administrators. The compliance engine is simple yet powerful enough to express just about any rule you can think of. Policies can be applied to your entire inventory, or partitioned to apply to specific sets of devices.

Configuration Mismatch

Net LineDancer Configuration Mismatch feature. If there is a difference between the device’s running-config and startup-config, configuration mismatch violation status icon will be displayed. You can see differences by clicking this icon. As you can standardize configurations, its configuration will be recovered easily when errors occur.

Integeration with SNMPc

Net LineDancer Linkage with NMS can work with our SNMPc. It allows your manager system to take measures for network trouble.

Inventory Management

Net LineDancer Configuration Diff, with full hardware inventory, including chassis part and serial numbers, as well as those of cards, daughter cards, power-supplies, and even fan tray assemblies. Great for keeping your vendor support contracts in sync with your deployed hardware.

Configuration Diff

Net LineDancer Configuration Diff, You can compare two configurations, each configuration of the same devices and configurations of the different devices. For example, you can compare a device’s configurations between running-config and startup-config.

Disaster Recovery

Net LineDancer Configuration Recovery, If the running device has trouble, replacing the device to a replacement device will be necessary. It allows you to put configurations into replacement devices and restore them.

IOS Password Change

Net LineDancer IOS Password Change tool, You can change IOS password of multi-devices by NetLD wizard directly. In addition, you don’t need to enter commands because netLD has dedicated dialogues for changing passwords.

Job History

Net LineDancer allows you to not only check job history and also compares outputs or recycle jobs. Job histories that NetLD ran are saved on NetLD database. It allows you to know at first sight of “When”, “Who” and “Which” job.

Command Runner with Scheduling

Net LineDancer Command Runner with Scheduling, You can send commands to devices to check or change configurations directly from NetLD by using Command Runner tool. For example, you can use this tool to set schedules for access-lists by clicking one button.

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