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Posted on 15 June, 2023

How Was CiscoLive?

Logicvein had the opportunity to attend the Cisco Live 2023

Logicvein had the opportunity to attend the Cisco Live 2023, held in Las Vegas this year. The event served as a platform for knowledge exchange, showcasing cutting-edge innovations, and exploring emerging trends in the networking industry. With a plethora of sessions, hands-on labs, certifications, and networking opportunities, Cisco Live 2023 delivered a truly immersive experience.

Key Themes and Highlights:

  1. Multi-Cloud Networking and Hybrid Architectures: As organizations increasingly adopt multi-cloud strategies, Cisco Live 2023 highlighted the significance of networking solutions that seamlessly integrate with multiple cloud environments. Attendees explored the challenges and opportunities of managing and securing network connectivity across hybrid architectures. Cisco showcased their portfolio of solutions designed to simplify multi-cloud networking, ensuring consistent policy enforcement and improved visibility.
    • Utilizing our ThirdEye Suite will enable you to get a quick understanding of how your network is performing, while automatically mapping the topology of your network. Quickly see where performance issues are happening, and where potential hiccups may occur. Set thresholds with monitoring via SNMP and be on top of issues before they happen.
  2. The Power of Network Automation: Automation emerged as a key enabler for efficient network operations. Cisco Live 2023 featured sessions and demonstrations on the latest automation tools, programmability, and APIs, empowering attendees to optimize their workflows and reduce manual configuration tasks.
    • To extend a little further, if you utilize our Net LineDancer functionality, this will also lighten the manual configurations to your specific devices. Load up bulk configuration changes, create a schedule, and let Net Line Dancer do the heavy lifting for you.
  1. Security in a Hyperconnected World: With the proliferation of connected devices and the increasing complexity of network infrastructures, network security took center stage at Cisco Live 2023. Attendees gained insights into the latest security threats, trends, and best practices, and proactive defense mechanisms to safeguard networks against evolving threats.
    • Using Net LineDancer will enable you to quickly see where compliance violations, or vulnerabilities could exist. Should a need exist for a change in configuration to ensure things are safe and secure, quickly perform a bulk configuration change, and stay on top of threats that could exist.

Conclusion: Cisco Live 2023 successfully delivered an engaging and informative experience for networking professionals and technology enthusiasts. LogicVein is looking forward to additional event participation this year, along with deploying a booth at the Cisco Live event in 2024.

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