netLD Managed Service Providers

MSP Solution Features

Net LineDancer is designed especially to meet the management needs of large scale networks like Managed Service Providers. Below is a list of some of the features tailored to these large deployments.



Besides enabling support for overlapping IP spaces, the SmartBridge allows network operations to occur geographically closer to the devices under management.


Allows users to SSH into netLD, followed by ``jumping`` into inventory devices with automatic login and full session recording.


SmartChange templates for running unique commands against devices all at once, created with a point and click interface, supporting per-device value parameterization, and Excel spreadsheet import and export.

Cloud Ready

Several LogicVein customers are offering netLD as a service (SaaS) to their customers via public and private clouds.

  • Buy enough licenses for all the devices. And enough Smart Bridges for each customer.
  • Assign access and permissions for each customer, while you maintain control of everything.
  • Coupled with our subscription billing plan, you can set it up and forget about it, only paying for what you use each month.
  • SMARTBRIDGE handling overlapping subnets – Option
  • SMARTCHANGE applying unique changeto multiple device at one time
  • TERMINAL PROXY allowing you to login device automatically
  • Integration with NMS
  • Data Export & Import
  • CUSTOM FIELDS allowing you to create and edit 5 columns for unique sortings
  • User Access Control
  • REPORTING FEATURE providing complete hardware inventory including slot and daughter cards
  • Advanced Device Search
SMARTBRIDGE handling overlapping subnets – Option

Place a SmartBridge at each of your locations and they will all be managed centrally from the core netLD server. This enables management of devices with duplicate (routing domain) IP addresses, and reduces the bandwidth between the remote network and the core netLD server

Distributed Architecture

SmartBridge takes charge of processing configuration backups and performing changes and transfers only detected changes to the core server. Using the SmartBridge greatly simplifies managing devices across NATs and discrete networks in a secure fashion.

Uniform Management

Since everything is stored in the core server, no information is lost in the case of trouble on the SmartBridge and only the core server needs to be backed up.

Software Update

When the core server’s software updates, all of the SmartBridges that are linked to the core server will automatically be updated as well.

SMARTCHANGE applying unique changeto multiple device at one time

Net LineDancer provides a parameterized template based mechanism for running set of changes against devices. This allows you to easily create a template of commands to run against large number of devices where each device has minor differences in the commands to run. SmartChange can also be reused for commands that must be run more frequently but whose values change each time the changes need to run. This greatly simplifies things like mass password or access list changes.

TERMINAL PROXY allowing you to login device automatically

NetLD provides an SSH server that can be used for easy, secure terminal access to all of the devices in your inventory. All interactions through this proxy are logged and searchable including information such as who, when, which device, and what commands have been run.

Integration with NMS

Net LineDancer integrates network monitoring and management systems with notifications for any configuration changes, backup failures, and any detected compliance violations. This easily allows you to correlate monitor activity with actual changes that have happened on the network.

Data Export & Import

Allows users to export data from NetLD, edit it, and then import it back into NetLD. Some available import and export features are:
Import and export the device inventory including all configurations.
Import device credential configuration
Export tool result output
Import and export bulk updates settings
Import Cisco PnP* configuration (optional)
Zero-Touch has changed the name to Cisco Plug and Play from Net LineDancer ver.14.06.

CUSTOM FIELDS allowing you to create and edit 5 columns for unique sortings

Each device has a set of custom fields that allows association of additional information with each device in the inventory. These fields are completely searchable and read and write access to each field can be configured for each user.

User Access Control

Net LineDancer has user-defined roles based on a granular permission system that allows you to easily manage access for each user.

REPORTING FEATURE providing complete hardware inventory including slot and daughter cards

Net LineDancer can create reports on devices, inventory, configurations, and more. Separate reports can easily be created for each of your customers’ networks as well as specific subsets of your inventory.

Advanced Device Search

Provides the ability to run cross-cutting searches across the various device inventory fields.
IP address,Hostname
Backup Status (Success/Failure)
Date when changes occurred
Device Tags, Custom Fields
Vendor, Model, Version, Serial Number

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