Our Culture

Our Culture

1. Persistence to find the fundamental essence of a challenge.

2. Are you hungry for every possibility around you?

3. Value is only generated by taking immediate and decisive actions.

4. Unshakeable faith in our mission.

5. Skill can only be acquired by continued efforts.

6. Just being ordinary produces nothing interesting.

7. Create an environment where risk-taking is encouraged in the pursuit of positive outcomes.

8. The jungle of “common-sense” is filled with misconceptions. Choosing the right path is essential.

9. A difficult and time consuming task just may be the right path to choose.

10. Happiness comes when you make others happy.

Company Missions

1. We relentlessly pursue ease of use and high value performance, but we always have fun.

2. “Move to move” – We move our heads, hands and feet to please, and even stir, the souls of our customers. LogicVein is more than mere product and services.

3. Range of our activities;


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