What is Net LineDancer?

Net LineDancer (netLD) is designed to help network engineers manage and change the configurations of the network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.). netLD provides hardware inventory reports, configuration change history, line-by-line comparisons, automated changes, real-time change detection, reports, and more It also provides a beautifully intuitive but powerful HTML5 GUI.
Net LineDancer was the first in the industry to support IPv6!

Why is NCCM Important?

When your network is down it causes serious damage to your customers, sales, and productivity. It's been said the damage costs can reach up to 1% of gross annual sales. More than 75% of network failures arise from human-error in network device configuration.

Net LineDancer Solution

netLD will cut the costs of Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) dramatically by tracking configuration changes and helping to automate changes, minimizing the likelihood of human error and speeding recovery when it occurs. netLD is designed to manage thousands (100,000+) of network devices with SmartBridge technology

Configuration Management

- Scheduled Network Backups
- Real-Time Backups
- Historical Configuration Comparison
- Configuration Restore
- Selective Configuration Restore
- Reporting
* Backup Summary
* Configuration Change
* Hardware Change
* Hardware Report
* Inventory Report
* Software Summary

Change Management

- Standardized Change Tools like Password Change and VLAN assignment.
- Scheduled and On-demand Changes
- Routing and Neighbor Information
- Cisco Zero-Touch (Plug and Play) Provisioning (option)

Inventory Management

- Hardware Inventory
* Chassis, Slot, Card, and Power Supply information
* Serial Numbers, FRU Part Numbers, Revision Numbers
- Device OS Upgrade
- OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, CDP, and NDP Routing Information
- ARP, MAC Address, IP Address information

Load Distribution System

- SmartBridge (option)
* Multi-Tenancy
* Manage Overlapping IP Spaces

Security Features

- Active Directory Server integration
- RADIUS Server integration
- Compliance Checking
- Compliance Reporting
- Disaster Recovery (Active/Active Redundancy) feature. (option)
- Change Log
- Job History
- Terminal Proxy

Net LineDancer development adheres to the following principals:

- Continually simplify
- Design for the future
- Focus on the essential

Net LineDancer-Full product evaluation

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Test Result of Net LineDancer vs. Manual Operation

Comparison of the login time to 10 Cisco devices
Manual login : 339 seconds
Login with netLD : 73 seconds (Shorter by 78.5% !)
About five times productivity!
The more you increase your managed nodes, the more overwhelming labor saving is possible.

Net LineDancer vs. Tera Term Macro.... Let's compare!

First Comparison :
Parameters Net LineDancer Manual Operation
Net LineDancer
Tera Term Macro
Automatic Discovery to Multiple Devices at Once
Automatic Configuration Backup to Multiple Devices at Once*1
Configuration Comparison of Before and After Backup
Comparison of Return Value of Show Commands
Multi-Vendor Support and Comparison of Return Value*2
Conflict Report and Comparison*3
Repeat Feature of Job*4
Restoration of Failed Devices
Backup of Multiple Enterprise and Overlapping IP Addresses
Export CSV of ③⑤⑥ (IP Address, Host Name, Date)
Inventory Management
Setting Speed*5
  1. Tera Term (△) - Macro is used and configuration with unnecessary information will be pushed.
  2. netLD (○) - Return value is acquired by Command Runner feature. Every command is supported!
  3. If there is a difference between startup-config and running-config, notification, comparison, and application are available.
  4. Tera Term (△) - Creating script is required. On the other hand, it is built-into netSD.
  5. As a result of verification which made the access-list configured on 28 devices, processing speed is measured about 10 times (x10) in netLD.

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