Support Device List for configuration backup

Download the below PDF file to get a listing of the supported adapters.
Supported Device and Feature Matrix

Note: The definition of "Adapter Support" does not constitute a guarantee of compatibility, but rather reflects LogicVein's commitment to correct compatibility issues with devices running supported operating systems in a timely manner.

The Vendor and Model for adapters that have been included in the current adapter list are updated irregularly. For more information, please feel free to contact our Technical Support.

IOS Software Distributing Exception

You can update or distribute Cisco IOS software images to devices by Net LineDancer except for the following devices that are started up with flash. For more information, please contact Support Team.
  • Cisco 1600
  • Cisco 2500
  • Cisco AS5200
LogicVein can develop adapters that are not on the adapter list, please contact Sales to request a new adapter via Sales Team.
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