System requirements for Net LineDancer differs depending on the number of managing devices. One Enterprise server can manage 200,000 nodes at maximum and support up to 1,000 SmartBridge servers. Please refer to the Net LineDancer Sizing Guidelines below for details.

Net LineDancer Standalone Server

Devices CPU Cores Memory Hard Disk
1-1,000 2 4GB 5GB
1,001-5,000 4 4GB 15GB
5,001-10,000 6 8GB 25GB
10,001-20,000 10 8GB 50GB
20,001-30,000 16 12GB 75GB
30,001-40,000 20 16GB 100GB

Net LineDancer with SmartBridges

Core (Central) Server

Total Devices CPU Cores Memory
1-2,500 2 4GB
2,501-20,000 4 4GB
20,001-50,000 6 8GB
50,001-100,000 8 8GB
100,001-150,000 12 12GB
150,001-200,000 16 16GB

Hard Disk

Total Devices Hard Disk
1-2,500 10GB
2,501-20,000 50GB
20,001-50,000 125GB
50,001-100,000 250GB
100,001-150,000 375GB
150,001-200,000 500GB

SmartBridge Server

Devices CPU Cores Memory Hard Disk
1-1,000 2 4GB 4GB
1,001-5,000 3 4GB 4GB
5,001-10,000 4 4GB 4GB
10,001-15,000 6 8GB 4GB
15,001-20,000 8 8GB 6GB
20,001-30,000 10 8GB 8GB
  * Linux Recommended

About Configuration Storage Requirements

Net LineDancer uses several sophisticated proprietary algorithms to minimize the amount of storage required to manage device configurations. The amount of storage required depends on a variety of factors, including:
  • the number of devices
  • the configuration size
  • the frequency of configuration changes in the network
  • the length of time the user wishes to keep configuration history

  • In addition to device configurations, Net LineDancer also manages the storage of various tools' output and reports. Tool and report storage is generally larger than configuration storage requirements.
    Because of the complex interactions of the various factors above, it is simpler to use actual customer data to predict Net LineDancer's configuration storage requirements.
    One of Net LineDancer's customers has 250+ devices, and performs a daily backup that includes all devices. They have primarily Cisco devices, but also Juniper, Extreme, and Foundry devices. After 1 year of daily backups, the storage requirement for all configurations is approximately 12MB.
    The storage requirements for Net LineDancer are approximately linear with respect to the number of devices. Therefore, a customer with 10,000 devices, performing daily backups for 1 year could expect a storage requirement of about 500MB for configurations.
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