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    Handling of Personal Information
    LogicVein, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “LogicVein”) uses Personal Information only within the scope of use as specified in the following circumstances:
    Responding to inquiries or requests from individuals
    Product Development, Service improvement, etc.
    Providing product or company information
    LogicVein never provides your Personal Information to any third party, except as required by law or legal process.

    Consignment of Business Activities
    LogicVein might consign the handling of acquired Personal Information to an external entrepreneur. In that case, our company selects the business consignment ahead subject to securing the level of enough protection of Personal Information, makes the Non-disclosure agreement, and does.
    And we will properly monitor how those consignment companies.

    The Disclosure of the Personal Information and Inquiry
    LogicVein will correspond to this when the stop of the offer from the person in question or the deputy to the stop, the deletion of the notification, indication, the correction, the addition of the purpose of use of Personal Information for indication or the deletion and use or third parties is requested.
    Please offer even following “Inquiry”.

    The Arbitrariness of Personal Information Offer
    The offer of the personal information of the visitor become arbitrary, but please understand it in cannot cope for a request beforehand when a case and the contents that there is not entry in the item needed by an application / inquiry are not correct.

    Use of Cookies and IP Addresses
    When it was transmitted a message than “an application / inquiry form”,we record the IP address of the visitor. We cannot use the IP address that we recorded other than a use purpose.
    In addition, we use Cookies partly to offer the service that is most suitable for a visitor in this WEB site. We cannot get the information that can specify personal information from this Cookies.

    Inquiry about the Handling of the Personal Information
    LogicVein, Inc. General Affairs Department
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