Third Eye

ThirdEye Enterprise Solution – Network Monitoring System (NMS)

ThirdEye by LogicVein includes advanced Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) capabilities and Network Monitoring System (NMS) for large enterprise data centers.


NMS Operations Suite

ThirdEye is an integrated and cloud ready solution. Including the tools, reporting, automation and integration capabilities you need in a low cost and easy to use package.

With ThirdEye, you will reduce cost, save time, manage your configurations and changes. In addition, be alerted if there are any issues with your devices.

ThirdEye has all the features and functions of Net LineDancer, with enhanced additional features that allow you to monitor, alert and generate traps on devices.


All the features you have in Net LineDancer, you still have in Thirdeye, but with the additional enhanced features of performance monitoring and alarming

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Performance, or Network monitoring is a system that grasps the status of not only the devices required for the network but also the server, etc., and promptly notifies the administrator when troubles such as performance degradation or failure occur.

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By creating a dashboard for each site or system, you can check the monitoring status for each site at a glance.

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MIB-related functions, display and compiler

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Set your threshold levels, polling frequency, and where to send your alerts/traps

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Server monitoring agent that can be installed on Linux and Windows servers

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Cloud Ready

Several LogicVein customers are offering netLD as a service (SaaS) to their customers via public and private clouds.

  • Buy enough licenses for all the devices. And enough Smart Bridges for each customer.
  • Assign access and permissions for each customer, while you maintain control of everything.
  • Coupled with our subscription billing plan, you can set it up and forget about it, only paying for what you use each month.

Tools and Features

  • Terminal Proxy / Auto Login
  • Draft Configurations
  • Smart Change
  • Change Adviser
  • SmartBridge / Multi-tenancy
  • Start-Up Wizard
  • User Access Control / Management
  • Integration with NMS and other networking Tools
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Monitor
  • Incidents
  • Dashboard
Terminal Proxy / Auto Login

Allows SSH into netLD, followed by “jumping” into inventory devices with automatic login and full session recording. Everything is recorded, indexed, and searchable. This feature is so deceptively convenient, as soon as we implemented it, we found ourselves no longer connecting directly to devices.

Draft Configurations

For creating configuration drafts from existing device configurations or importing from text files. Draft configurations can be edited directly and pushed to the device (either running or startup configuration). Drafts can be compared to existing configurations to verify that only the parts you expect to change are affected.

Smart Change

SmartChange templates for running unique commands against devices all-at-once, created with a point and click interface, supporting per-device value parameterization, and Excel spreadsheet import.

Change Adviser

Change Adviser can work with existing or draft configurations. Using the Change Adviser, and comparing the configuration with the interface change to the prior configuration, the Change Adviser will generate the list of commands necessary to rollback that change, leaving the password changes untouched.

SmartBridge / Multi-tenancy

Manage multiple networks from a “single pane of glass”. Multi-tenancy support for overlapping IP spaces, allowing network operations to occur geographically closer to the devices under management.

Start-Up Wizard

Three easy steps:
Add Devices
Set Credentials
Validate Backup.
And you are ready to start configuration management.

User Access Control / Management

Net LineDancer has user-defined roles based on a granular permission system that allows you to easily manage access for each user.

Integration with NMS and other networking Tools

Easily correlate monitored activity with actual changes that have happened on the network in ThirdEye, and it also works with other NMS systems.

Disaster Recovery

Net LineDancer Configuration Recovery allows you to put configurations into replacement devices and restore them.


Set up your rules, templates, policies and where you want alerts/traps to go. In addition, you can monitor new and existing violations.


Incidents allows you to monitor alerts/traps, clear them and assign them


The dashboard allows you to show the location of the device, and any devices that are in an alert state and other paramaters. You can create multiple dashboards.

30 Day Free Trial

Get hands-on experience with ThirdEye for 30 day free of cost and assess it
by using our evaluation license.