TOP Ten NetLD benefits

TOP Ten NetLD benefits

Reduces errors caused by human fatigue and unknown violation of policies

Productivity tool – reduces the manpower required to do configuration management by automation techniques

Easy to learn, install and use – so many products are overly complicated – hard to learn and install – NOT with NetLD!

Scalable. it is extremely scalable – For Instance NTT scales to 80,000 nodes. We have never reached the outer limits!

The pricing is affordable and very flexible. Subscription, perpetual and enterprise licenses available – your choice!

Designed to promote collaboration – stay inside your NMS tool and access subnets from a central data center

Saves money through detailed inventory management -chassis, slot, card, and power supply information Serial numbers, FRU part numbers, revision numbers – EOS/EOL information. Are you paying for devices that are no longer being used?

No paying for or configuring a 3rd party database – Database built in – PostgreSQL is integrated for you

Easy Integration with other Network Management Platforms for alarms and alerting

Diverse device adapters – Easily add additional devices. And if your device is new, adapters can be easily built


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