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Leo Bayer

Posted on 27 April, 2023

What’s New in April 2023

The April 2023 update release for LogicVein’s ThirdEye and Net LineDancer products is now available.


Dashboard Improvements
  • Map Widget:Zoom in and out or drag the map for a more interactive experience on the dashboard map widget.
  • Violations Widget:Specify a persistent sort column to better organize data in the dashboard violations widget.
  • Stacked Bar Graph Widget:Visualize data more effectively with the new stacked bar graph widget.
  • Advanced Time Range Settings:Enjoy increased control over time ranges in graphs, allowing you to compare historical data, such as traffic from this week to last week, with ease.

Interface speeds are now displayed in a user-friendly format, such as Megabits or Gigabits, rather than bits per second, to provide clearer information at a glance.


We’ve invested time in refining the timing and algorithms for monitor violations and time window thresholds, resulting in more robust and reliable monitoring capabilities.

  • File Viewer Performance:Opening large syslog files is now faster than ever, thanks to performance improvements in the syslog file viewer.
  • Timestamps: The syslog server saves messages using the received timestamp, rather than extracting it from the message, for better accuracy in multi-timezone systems.
  • Log Rotation:We’ve fine-tuned log rotation behavior to handle edge cases more effectively.

Net LineDancer

Generic CLI Access

Our Generic SNMP adapter now supports command operations like SmartChange and Terminal Proxy. This means you can use some of Net LineDancer’s core functionality with devices that were previously unsupported.

Device Support

As always, we continue to refine our device support. This release includes minor improvements for the following adapters:

  • Allied Telesis
  • CheckPoint
  • F5 BigIP (Big-IQ)
  • FortiGate
  • Fujitsu IPCOM
  • Fujitsu SR-S
  • HPE ProCurve
  • Ubiquiti


Admin Console

To simplify navigation and , we’ve relocated the administrative console from port 8443 to the /admin path under port 443.

You can see the full change log on the Update History page.

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