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By Leo Bayer

Posted on 30 July, 2023

What’s New in June 2023

The June 2023 update release for LogicVein’s ThirdEye and Net LineDancer products is now available.


Disable Coalescing for Syslog

In Agent-D syslog and windows event log monitors you can now configured the triggers to not coalesce violations into a single incident. This is useful when you have triggers defined that don’t have any particular condition and the received logs might pertain to a variety of unrelated issues.

Map Status

With this latest released we have improved the way violation status is displayed in the Map tree view. The violation status icon is now shown on the left of the map name using the standard violation icon for the appropriate severity. This is especially helpful when there are deeply nested maps or just long map names that could have caused the status icon to hidden out of view on the right.

Clear Trap Issue

We’ve fixed an issue where violations created from traps caught by the Catch-All SNMP Trap Monitor wouldn’t be cleared when their corresponding “Clear Trap” was received.

Trap Source

There was an issue where if you have the same device in the inventory using different admin IP addresses, the SNMP Trap receiver would resolve the device using interface IP address before checking for the admin IP address. This would cause SNMP traps to be persisted against a different device than you would intuitively expect. With this latest release the device with the same admin IP address as the incoming SNMP trap is always preferred if multiple devices match.

Smart Bridge

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve stability, this last month we’ve fixed a few issues around the correctness of state in Smart Bridges.

Net LineDancer

Compliance Rule Debugging

We’ve added the ability to see more details about the which rules match and do not match for compliance rule violations. You can access this new information from the new “Details” button in the device “Compliance” tab for selected violations.

Device Support

As always, we continue to refine our device support. This release includes minor improvements for the following adapters:

  • Fujitsu SRS
  • Juniper JUNOS
  • Yamaha RTX


Browser Version

The minimum required browser versions have been increased to allow us to take advantage of more modern browser features:

Smart Bridge

We are continuing to harden the SmartBridge behavior and with this release. To this end we have resolved an issue where, in certain scenarios, SmartBridges (B-type) would not automatically reconnect after the core server restarted.

Chrome: 60 or above

Firefox: 60 or above

Edge: 79 or above

You can continue to use earlier browser versions and browsers from unsupported vendors but they are untested and some features might not function perfectly.


We identified and resolved a couple discovery job stability issues that could cause discovery jobs to never complete or miss data for certain devices.

You can see the full change log on the Update History page.

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