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Leo Bayer

Posted on 31 March, 2023

What’s New in March 2023

The March 2023 update release for LogicVein’s ThirdEye and Net LineDancer products is now available.

MAC Address Wildcard Search

We’ve added the ability to search for devices by its MAC address using a wildcard. Using the ‘*’ character you can now find MAC addresses using prefix, suffix, or infix wildcards. For example, you can find all devices that have an interface with a MAC address starting with “00:08:E3” by using the query “00:08:E3*”.


SNMP Trap Message Search

You can now search for SNMP Traps based on its contents without having to know the specific OID of the object value you want to search for. This makes searching across many unknown traps very simple. Along with this enhancement performance improvements were made to the SNMP Trap search feature.

Dashboard Performance

We’ve made some internal changes to improve the performance of dashboards that contain multiple pages of widgets. Previously, data was loaded and updated in real time for all widgets in the dashboard, but with the new release only data for widgets that are currently visible will be updated. When a widget scrolls into view it will seamlessly be loaded. Especially on slower network connections, users with more detailed dashboards can expect to experience more responsive dashboards.

Sticky Violation Widget Sort

The violation dashboard widget now remembers the selected sort order even when navigating to other tabs within the interface.

Net LineDancer

IOS-XE startup-config

We’ve refined the backup result processing subsystem to allow devices that typically have paired startup and running configurations to sometimes not have a startup configuration. This means specifically that IOS-XE devices that do not have a startup-config will not be tagged with a startup vs running violation.

HPE/H3C Comware Filename

This release adds support for restoring HPE Comware configurations regardless of the configured filename.

Long Command Prompts

The internal SSH client implementation has been tweaked to allow devices with unusually long command prompts.

Device Support

As always, we continue to refine our device support. This release includes minor improvements for the following adapters:

  • Alaxala
  • APC Smart UPS
  • BigIP F5
  • Cisco ASA
  • Cisco IOS-XE
  • HPE Comware
  • Panasonic
  • PaloAlto Panorama
  • Ubiquiti

You can see the full change log on the Update History page.

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