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Posted on 08 December, 2022

Why is Compliance Important?

Compliance monitoring is an important topic that’s often not understood by the average technician.

Compliance monitoring is an important topic that’s often not understood by the average technician.

Compliance does not start or end assessment of your network. It is vital to continue to ensure all changes have been reconciled and a continuous re-check to ensure it is maintained. Compliance monitoring relates to your quality assurance testing. It’s how you watch what is happening within your network. Also, with compliance monitoring, you ensure that all your devices meet guidelines.

In just about all companies, compliance is the law of the land. Many companies that work for the government are required to have a compliance monitoring plan and action list before they can operate within the government. Same goes for banks, hospitals, etc.

Most companies have a dedicated compliance team. The team will take responsibility for the tracking and monitoring of compliance. They’ll make sure that all daily activities comply with appropriate procedures. And trust me, nobody likes to have the compliance police knocking on their door.

Why compliance is important

Compliance monitoring is an important part of the overall network governance process. The result is a higher level of protection for your company’s sensitive information, which will help to keep it protected against cyber threats now—and in the future. In addition, if all equipment is following compliance rules and guidelines, it makes it easier to work on. Compliance is important because it ensures that your company’s security and data privacy policies are being followed. It also helps to ensure that you’re not violating any laws or regulations.

In simple terms, compliance monitoring makes sure that your operation is performing as it should. It can also enable you to identify areas of non-compliance. Non-compliance could come in the form of a violation of internal policies. It may also arise due to a violation of external regulations. Furthermore, non-compliance could prove disastrous to your network, or your customers.

If you think compliance is hard, try being non-compliant.

With multiple engineers/technicians operating on the same devices and overwriting each other changes, it can easily become a nightmare.

Compliance through scripts may provide some initial relief but they still present many of the same problems as a completely manually managed network. Scripts do not scale across teams and need frequent updating with changes. Some essential compliant features include:

  1. Support for different devices and vendors
  2. An easy to use interface
  3. Automatic notifications and remediation
  4. Detailed Compliance reporting

Let LogicVein help you with your compliance issues. It will, in the long run, make your job, and life, easier. If you would like to hear more, or see more, or learn more, contact your sales representative at

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